DHARTIPUTRA - Drama of Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel
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The Soil of Gujarat has always been very rich for its cultural heritage. It has produced many artists, poets, dancers, musicians, singers and dramatists, who have been a source of inspiration for the new generation. Inspite this, most of the young talents often remain unrecognised and undiscovered in the absence of a common and organised a platform.

In order to provide a cultural platform to the budding and talented young generation in the areas of music, dance and drama, Rang Bahar established a cultural trust and it was recognised by Sangeet Natak Academy, Gujarat State on 14th November, 1967.

1956 – Established with the activities of experimental, social comedy and folk drama.
1967 - 14th November 1967 Approval from Gujarat State Govt.
1968 - Lecture series of ‘OSHO’ Acharya Rajneesh on "Youth and Challenges".
1969 - UNDER SECRETARY a Hindi Drama Golden Jubilee.
1970 - JODE JODE SAJODE a Gujarat Play Golden Jubilee.

It was in the year 1967 when four young artists in the city of Ahmedabad were struggling to reveal their existence. Mr. Nalin Dave, Pralay Rawal, Jayshree Parikh and Deven Naik were exploring in the field of theatre art, who performed their first stage play LAGI LAGNI followed by JODE JODE SAJODE. The last play celebrated its Golden Jubilee in the Bhawans auditorium, Mumbai. This is how RANG BAHAR was born.

This successful experience opened the doors for the following stage plays under the banner of RANG BAHAR :

UNDER SECRETARY- written by Vinayak Purohit and directed by Khanjan.
H‘SHARME JHOOKE MAUTH- by Jaswant Thaker, produced and acted by Khanjan.
PADGHAM’ & ‘LOK KATHA by Khanjan.
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Introduction | Mission | History
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