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  DHARTIPUTRA - Drama of Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel
Shree Rajendrakumar Bhagat | Others
The strength of Rang Bahar lies in encouraging the budding talents and seeking guidance from various personalities of theatre. In this continuous process, we are benefited by many professionals from various fields like cartoonist Chandra Trivedi,popular press photographer Jhaverilal Mehta, T Ramanlal Choksi, Kalpak Pandya, Alok

Vaidya, Trupti Dalal, Kalpesh Dalal, Raju Shukla, Bhargav Thakkar, Kashmira Javeri and many others.

Director - Shree Rajendrakumar Bhagat
Name: -Rajendrakumar

Last Name: -Bhagat

Date of Birth: -30.10.1940

Place Of Birth: -Baroda-India


Qualification: -B.A. (Hons), B.Mus, (Erythematic) Diploma. Folk Lore-Canada 1988

Certificates Of Merits Israel 1987

Awards: -Best Actor. Gujarat Sangit Natak Academy.

Drama “Tusker LiLa”1963
Best Director 1971, Drama Steel France 1972
Best Actor Gujarat University, 1959
Mono Acting Seventh University Youth Festival-New Delhi

Faculty: -
Conducted Acting Courses 1977-1988
Conducted Public Speaking 1968-1976
Conducted Folk Dance work shop 1973 to1975

Interstate cultural Exchange:-
Dadra Nagar Haaveli Folk Dance 1973
Culcatta University Folk Dance 1983

Festivals Organised:-
National Drama Festival.1980.1982.1984.1985.1990.1993. International Cultural Exchange (140 countries)
International folkdance festival (38 countries)
International children festival (44 countries)
International youth festival (26 countries)
International drama festival (4 countries)

Medals and Trophies:-
International folkdance festival Dijon France, Silver medal 1984.
International folkdance festival Telaviv, Israil, Silver medal 1985.
International folkdance festival, Silver medal Barcelona , Spain 1986
International children festival, Burlington, USA, 1986
International folkdance festival Ankara, Turkey, Gold medal 1986.
International folkdance festival Dijon France, Gold medal 1987.

Sponsored and Invited Poland folk Dance group with collaboration Indian counsel for culture relations, New Delhi

Gujarat State Sangit Natak Academy in year 22nd July 1983, at Jay Shanker sundari Hall, Ahmedabad, India

July member International Drama Festival Munched, Germany, 1991
International folkdance festival Dijon France, 1993

International folkdance festivalIstanbul,Turkey , 1995.

Dhartiputra Drama 1998
Bardoli Satyagra Drama 2001
Bharat Ratna Sardar Patel Drama 2004
Vajdapi mono logue 2005
Karna Kunti mono logue 1968

Member Gujarat Satate Sangeet Natak Academy 1980
Vice Chairman Commission on Festival
International Organization of Folk, Arts, IOV Vienna Austria
Secretary Federation of Indian Theater Bhopal 1985

Corporate Sector:-
Ex Bank Manager, Bank Of India
Redex Protech Ltd., Ex Chairman
La-mere Appeals Ltd, Chairman 1993.

First In Cultural World:-
Sports, Chess Champaign, Mumbai University, 1959
Chess Champaign, Raipur Majur Kamdar Sangh , Ahmedabad ,1957

Shree Rajendrakumar Bhagat | Others
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